Stourbridge Speakers Final Meeting of 2019

At our final meeting of 2019, awards were handed out to Steve Gould, Dilwyn Scott and Sally Johnson.

Steve Gould won the Speech Contest
Dilwyn Scott won the Topics Contest
Sally Johnson, our Club President, won the Evaluation Contest

Speech Competition

Stourbridge Speaker’s Club speech competition was held on Monday 4th November.

Margaret Brown from Bromsgrove Speaker’s Club very kindly agreed to be Head Judge, and was joined by Sue Deeley and Tracey Markham. The Chair for the evening was Dilwyn Scott.

Out of a strong set of speeches, Steve Gould was announced the winner, and in second place, Rob Waldron.

Blarney Stone Contest

Congratulations to the team of speakers representing Stourbridge Speakers Club at the Blarney Stone contest in Sutton Coldfield.
Despite not winning the Blarney Stone, Shelley Jackson-Woodall, Jon Burns and Ken Preston acquitted themselves superbly.
The theme for the evening was ‘Live, Love, Laugh’. A big thank you goes out to Sutton Coldfield Speakers Club for their warm welcome and great evening hosting, and special congratulations to Bromsgrove Speakers Club for winning the coveted Blarney Stone.